Stray Kids’ I.N Recalls The First Time He Saw Changbin Cry

Changbin wanted to add some spice to the memory 😆

Putting Stray KidsI.N, Changbin, and Han in one room together for the third episode of Two Kids Room+1 sparked a memory for the maknae. He remembered an incident from when they were trainees.

I.N announced, “I saw Changbin crying once when we were trainees.” This took both of them by surprise, the shock showing on their faces. Changbin didn’t recall, “I cried when I was a trainee?” Han wanted to know the details ASAP, “When?”

He began to lay out the details. There was a showcase at the time which they were participating in, but Changbin ended up with a bit of an injury. I.N explained, “When we were doing the trainee showcase, Changbin’s ankles weren’t feeling good.”

In consideration of that, Changbin was asked if he wanted to sit it out and instead focus on healing. “So, the person in charge of the training team kept asking him if he could still perform.” That wasn’t what he wanted, though.

Changbin wouldn’t let ankle pain stop him from standing on stage, even if it had been painful. I.N remembered his reaction like it had happened yesterday. “He said, ‘I told you so many times already I can do it.’ I saw him crying for the first time that day.”

Because the memory sounded sad, Changbin laughed. He tried to transform it into something more exciting, “Wow. How cool. Those were cool tears.” Han wasn’t buying it, asking if he’d taken that from a webtoon, “Is that an internet novel?”

After poking fun at the way Changbin wanted to spice it up, they returned to the original memory. Changbin was able to remember, “That’s right. I forgot about that.” It wasn’t a memory that I.N could forget, seeing such a different side of him, “I was a bit shocked by that.”

Although Changbin always seems to be teasing the members, there are moments when he becomes serious and turns into someone determined to do whatever it takes to succeed. See them poke fun at the moment here.

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