Stray Kids I.N Recalls Upsetting Memory Of Being Scouted To Be A Trainee AFTER Debut

A company tried to scout him after Stray Kids debuted, and it hit him hard.

In the hopes of reaching their dreams, many idols were happy to be scouted by a company. After debuting as an idol, though, it would be upsetting for them not to be recognized and approached for that same reason. While you’d think it doesn’t happen, I.N of Stray Kids revealed his memory of it happening to him and how upsetting it had been.

In the latest episode of I.N’s Youngest’s Private Life, fans asked him to share a story from his school days. Little did STAYs know, he would share one that caused him sadness.

During the group’s promotions for “Double Knot”, I.N had been strolling down the street on an average day like any other. That’s when someone took the opportunity to approach him, “That was probably when we were promoting ‘Double Knot’. I was walking on the street, and this person suddenly stopped me.

After getting his attention, the person asked a question that I.N hadn’t been expecting to hear, “‘Would you like to be a trainee at our company?’ They said this.” Even though he’d probably been struck speechless at the time, he handled it politely.

I.N corrected the person by revealing that he’d already completed his trainee days, “Because of that, I said, ‘I’m sorry. I actually debuted.’ And the employee was really flustered.” Curious to know more, the employee ventured, “‘Then what’s the group name?

Once I.N said their name, signalling they were a JYP Entertainment boy group, the employee realized how big of a mistake he’d made, “He bowed down at ninety degrees and said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and left.

Though the employee had been embarrassed, the mishap had struck I.N harder. The fact that Stray Kids had officially been active for over a year at that time and couldn’t be recognized by face was upsetting for the maknae. “I was really sad that time. I debuted, but I was really sad. There’s nothing like that these days, so it’s okay. I was so sad… I think that’s the perfect saying. It’s sad and funny.

Despite his smiling and chuckling while sharing the memory, I.N’s sadness from it was still written all over his face a year later. Everyone could see through his habit of hiding his struggles behind a smile. See him open up about it, starting from 23:32.

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