Stray Kids Learned A Lot From Their Time On “Kingdom” And Their Senior Groups

“I believe that the support, energy, and love that [fans] sent to us… created this great result.”

Kingdom, the male version of Mnet’s original competition show Queendom, featured THE BOYZ, Stray KidsATEEZ, BTOBiKON, and SF9. After a long and difficult battle, Stray Kids managed to climb on top and win the competition!

Stray Kids recently shared their thoughts on their incredible win, lessons learned, memorable performances, and more!

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On top of winning benefit points from the introductory round, Stray Kids placed first in various categories throughout the show, including self-evaluations, expert evaluations, performance video view count, and global fan votes. In the finale, they placed first with the highest combined total of global fan votes, digital performances, and scores from previous rounds.

Their special finale song “WOLFGANG” ranked in the top 10 on iTunes charts in 13 countries as well as the top 10 of Apple Music‘s song charts in 28 countries. In addition, “WOLFGANG” debuted in fourth place on Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales Chart and ranked 109 on Billboard’s Global Excluding U.S. Chart.

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We worked hard to show great performances on Kingdom but we want to thank many people, especially STAY, after receiving such a positive result in our win. We believe this is a trophy given to us so that we will work harder. In the future, we will stay humble and show a good image.

—Bang Chan

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Felix, Lee Know, and Seungmin chose their introduction performance of “MIROH” as the most memorable. As for their most innovative performance, Felix, Lee Know, and I.N all picked their mashup of “God’s Menu” and BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” as they think it showed the many different sides of Stray Kids.

At the beginning of the mashup performance, the group recreated a scene from Deadpool, which gained the attention of both Ryan Reynolds (who plays Deadpool) and Hugh Jackman (who plays Wolverine). As Stray Kids are huge fans of the actors, they shared that they still can’t quite believe it, and they feel like they’re dreaming. Bang Chan stated, “We’re patiently awaiting the ‘Deadpool’ mask that Ryan Reynolds promised he would send. After we receive it, I plan to upload a photo with it!

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The group then reflected on how much they had learned from the other groups, especially BTOB.

I felt a lot of emotions while watching every moment of the senior group that I like the most and have always thought were really cool. I want to emulate not just their performances, but the skill of a singer with 10 years of experience with consistent passion for music and performing.


Felix said that BTOB taught him that performance isn’t everything. After watching the senior group, they all were able to broaden their thoughts about being an idol.

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Although the entire group has grown through this experience, Lee Know and Changbin chose Seungmin as the member who matured the most. They also praised him for gaining a lot of attention for his vocal talent.

When asked what Kingdom meant to Stray Kids, they answered that it was an opportunity to look back at themselves with a new perspective with different thoughts on the future. They were happy to show the world what kind of group they are and how much they’ve grown.

I.N continued by saying that he thinks the show was an opportunity to “once again realize how precious STAY is.” He believes that the experience will always remain an amazing memory for the group.

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Thank you so much. Honestly, I was a little afraid thinking about what would happen if we disappointed our fans or had regretful performances, but our STAY gathered together and comforted us instead. I believe that the support, energy, and love that you’ve sent to us over the past 100 days has created this great result. Thank you so much. In the future, we will work harder and become an ever-evolving Stray Kids!


Lastly, they were asked about their plans moving forward into the future. Lee Know commented, “Just because we’ve won doesn’t mean much will change.” He added, “Just like now, we will communicate with STAY and continue doing the music and performances that we want to do.”

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