Stray Kids’ Lee Know Can Read Bang Chan’s Mood Just By His Greeting

He knows instantly whether or not he’s having a good day.

Stray KidsLee Know joked that Bang Chan was a morning person on Two Kids Room when he revealed that he could read Bang Chan’s mood just from one gesture.


Since Lee Know is the first person to take a shower in the morning, he’s already awake to see Bang Chan when he wakes up.

Usually, he’ll give Bang Chan a greeting by way of a two-finger salute. How Bang Chan then responds is how Lee Know can read his mood.

If Bang Chan returns the greeting, Lee Know knows he’s having a good day. When he isn’t having a good day, the greeting changes.

Whenever you greet me with the same gesture, I think, ‘He feels good today.’

With his head hung low, Lee Know demonstrated how Bang Chan gives him a weak salute when he’s not feeling well. It was so accurate that Bang Chan chuckled.

When you spend a lot of time with someone, especially if you live with them, it can be easy to notice their habits. Listen to Lee Know talk about “morning person” Bang Chan here.

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