Stray Kids’ Lee Know And Changbin Expose The Member Who Has To Get A Refund For Everything

They laid out all his habits.

Stray Kids were asked which member they thought would be best at refunding, and they were able to answer the question without hesitating.


Before Woojin could finish reading the question, Lee Know and Changbin pointed their fingers at him.

Since Changbin gives the item away and Lee Know throws it away, that only left Woojin who they said would definitely take it back. After listening to their reasoning, he admitted it was true.

Woojin explained that he returns items because he buys things often. Changbin even helped him out by saying online shopping can be tricky. But, he settled with explaining that Woojin just wasn’t skilled in it.

That wasn’t the only thing Woojin refunded. Lee Know pointed out that he often calls to complain about food they’ve ordered. At least he wasn’t alone in this because Changbin said he complains about the orders too.

Woojin seems to run into all sorts of problems with his purchases, or at the very least has high standards. Watch them expose the oldest here.

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