Stray Kids’ Lee Know And Felix Are Polar Opposites, But Their Friendship Is Reflective Of True Brotherhood

This unlikely pairing is too sweet.

The last episode of Stray Kids‘ series, 2 Kids Room, has been released, with Lee Know and Felix as the final pairing. These two are total opposites, whether it be their personalities, preferences, humor code, or thought process.

(from left to right) Han, Seungmin, Hyunjin | Stray Kids/YouTube

But despite how opposite they are, Felix and Lee Know share a deep friendship and are the most comfortable when they’re around each other.

Lee Know (left) and Felix (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube

While the two aren’t the type to talk much, they often find themselves chatting and spending their free time with each other. They even went out at 7 AM once to grab Gamja-tang (pork back-bone stew) together.

Even though they can’t remember many of their conversations very well, it’s because most of the time, they’re just at peace in each other’s presence.

Fellow members I.N and Changbin shared how Felix and Lee Know, despite their opposite tendencies, are similar in that they’re both soft-hearted and cat-like (even if Lee Know puts up a strong front).

Han also added that Lee Know treats Felix nicer than he treats the rest of Stray Kids. Lee Know is the kind of person who loves to tease those he loves and doesn’t hesitate to be savage. While he’s usually a tsundere, caring for his members in subtle ways, Lee Know is more openly considerate towards Felix.

Lee Know and Felix’s relationship goes beyond just being close friends — Felix considers Lee Know to be like a true older brother to him, someone he can rely on and learn from.

Something I’m sure about is that whenever I spend a lot of time with you, that’s when I learn the most about how to live an easy life.

— Felix

And whenever Felix is having a hard time, turning to Lee Know always helps him and comforts him.

Lee Know and Felix are proof that sometimes, the best friendships form between those who are total opposites.

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