Stray Kids’ Lee Know Handled A Stage Accident So Well No One Even Noticed

It all happened in less than 20 seconds.

Stray Kids recently released their mini album Clé 2: Yellow Wood, and they performed its title track “Side Effects” for the first time on Mnet‘s M Countdown.

Main dancer Lee Know ran into a problem that he handled so well no one even noticed, at least if it weren’t for fancams. He danced so powerfully that his headset fell off, but that didn’t stop him.

At first, he held the headset for a few seconds to keep it from swinging around. But, he continued to give his all, performing every move as if nothing had happened.

When there was a few seconds of rest in the choreography, he put the headset back on properly in the blink of an eye and got right back into it.

Lee Know is definitely Stray Kids’ main dancer for a reason. Not only is his dance powerful enough to shake their equipment loose but he’s able to solve the accident in less than 20 seconds.

Watch Lee Know smoothly fix his headset here.

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