Stray Kids’ Lee Know Humbly Disagrees With An Online Post About His Student Life

A story he shared afterward seemed to prove the flattering post was true 😂

Members of Stray Kids joined Jonathan Thona‘s Kstar Next Door on two occasions, and recently, additional footage from their two episodes was released alongside miscellaneous clips featuring fellow K-Pop artists as part of the show’s first official compilation episode.

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Footage from both of Stray Kids’ episodes made the final cut, and in two of the clips, Jonathan Thona addressed lighthearted “rumors” about a few of the Stray Kids members, including Lee Know.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know is known for his talent and handsome visuals, and Jonathan Thona shared with viewers that Lee Know has been known as a “Kingcard” since before his debut.

Lee Know hilariously questioned the source of the “weird rumor,” and Jonathan came with receipts, reading a comment he said was found online, which stated, “Among people who existed at the time, I remember [Lee Know] was the most good looking.

The Stray Kids member humbly disagreed with the kind post but later revealed girls in school once surrounded him, but he claimed it wasn’t for his good looks.

Lee Know shared that he was just an “ordinary student” and had innocently lined up to buy rice balls when girls suddenly surrounded him.

According to Lee Know, the girls only surrounded him to “push” him aside to buy rice balls before he had the chance to get one.

Jonathan Thona hilariously clarified that they only gathered around Lee Know to cut in line for the food and not because they found him handsome, and Lee Know confirmed that was correct.

While Lee Know humbly claimed it wasn’t because of his visuals, his fellow members and Jonathan Thona weren’t as convinced.

That wasn’t the only “rumor” a Stray Kids member clarified. During the second episode featuring Stray Kids members, I.N addressed the origin of his stage name.

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