Stray Kids’ Lee Know And I.N Cover Harry Styles And J.Y. Park On Tour, Now Fans Want An Official Duet

Their voices complement each other perfectly.

While several Stray Kids members have performed incredible duets together, fans can’t help but think Lee Know and I.N deserve their own.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know (left) and I.N (right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter
One duo that fans have been loving on Stray Kids’ recent MANIAC tour is Lee Know and I.N.

But the love isn’t just for their shenanigans. During each stop, members have been performing various covers in between performances, and Lee Know and I.N have wowed the crowd with their duets.

While Lee Know’s main position is as a dancer, his vocals are impressive. I.N’s vocal ability is evident, and his hard work is clear. Both of them continue to improve and shine when they’re together.

They covered “Falling” by Harry Styles at their stop in Chicago.

Fans especially loved hearing Lee Know’s lower register, which was perfectly complemented by I.N’s higher tone.

Then they covered “Honey” by J.Y. Park in Oakland and brought up the energy. While these covers are more for fun than extremely polished like many of their group performances, the crowd loved them just as much.

During one of their Seoul concerts, Lee Know and I.N also previously covered “After Sending You” by YB.

Fans now want an official duet. It’s not out of nowhere. In their episode of “2 Kids Room” that dropped in February, they talked about how they wanted to release a SKZ-Record together but never did. SKZ-Player and SKZ-Record are collections of Stray Kids’ covers and original songs.

Lee Know: We were going to do SKZ-Record too

I.N: Yeah, we were. We were going to do a cover

Lee Know: Yeah, a cover.

But instead of a cover, I.N had something else in mind.

I.N: But if we decide to bring that back…

Lee Know: What kind of songs or genres do you want to try? Something we could do together.

I.N: Instead of a cover, I want to write a song.

Lee Know: Oh, write one yourself? Writing a song sounds nice too.

With Stray Kids set to release their SKZ-Player + SKZ-Record Album in 2022, maybe it’s still possible.

After the duo’s cover of “Falling,” Bang Chan even said, “I feel like we can expect more from these two.”

Was that a hint? We’ll have to wait and see.

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