Stray Kids’ Lee Know Is The Last Person You’d Want To Do ASMR With

Woojin has the look of a man who’s been through a lot.

Stray Kids took on the challenge of trying ASMR with Dingo, and it was way louder than it should’ve been, especially since they did it in teams.


Lee Know, Bang Chan, and Woojin were one team, and it all went south during Lee Know’s turn. He spoke so loud into the microphone right from the start that Woojin threw his head back at the magnified sound in the earphones.

And, it got worse when he made a wrap. He’d tapped the lettuce together to make a sound that Woojin found pleasant. Because of that, Lee Know just had to be Lee Know by making them squeak. And, Woojin was over it while Bang Chan just laughed.

He’d been so excited to make the wrap and stuff it into his mouth that his eyes had been bigger than his mouth. So, he couldn’t chew properly for the perfect ASMR sound and could only growl, which made Bang Chan ask, “Does the meat have bones?”

Lee Know has no competition when it comes to being mischievous, but he’s definitely not cut out for ASMR. Listen to Lee Know give it a try by annoying Woojin here. Learn from Woojin though; you’ll most likely won’t want to use earphones.

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