Stray Kids’ Lee Know Stuns Fans With His Visuals In New Solo Shoot

His gaze is deadly.

When BEAUTY+ Magazine gave a teaser video for their front cover model for their February 2022 issue, it was not hard for fans to deduce that from the bright purple hair…

The shoot would be Stray KidsLee Know‘s first solo pictorial debut.

And as soon as the images were released for the magazine’s pre-order, Stays went crazy over Lee Know’s prince-like visuals.

Even though this was the first time the idol had done a photoshoot for a magazine by himself, his fans were quick to point out how his solo shots have always been iconic.

Lee Know’s stunning visuals allow him to be an effortlessly captivating model.

Some fans were loving not only his purple hair but his fluffy perm. Comparing it to how fellow member I.N also perfectly suits the hairstyle.

Other fans were excited that now each member of Dance Racha (Stray Kids’ dance line: Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix) has now had their solo debut with a magazine shoot.

And some fans even became nostalgic of how Dance Racha, known for their top-tier visuals, has grown so much from their early days.

And of course, some fans created some stunning fanart of the covers.

As well as an adorable one of Lee Know’s SKZOO (Stray Kids’ representative animals) character, Leebit. Fluffy perm and all.

Needless to say, Stay will be desperately trying to get their hands on the magazines for these gorgeous photos.

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