Stray Kids’ Lee Know Has A Unique Way Of Cheering Up Han When He’s Emotional

Lee Know always has Han’s back.

Stray Kids kicked off their world tour District 9: Unlock in Seoul with more than a few tears.


To ease some of them, Lee Know used an unusual method to cheer Han up.

When Han was giving his individual speech, he struggled to get his words out because of how emotional the moment was for him. He’d even looked around with tears in his eyes, which could’ve been Lee Know’s signal to step in.

After giving Han enough time to try to gather his emotions, Lee Know moved toward him. Rather than hugging him or placing a hand on his shoulder for support, Lee Know slapped Han on the butt. Although it didn’t seem like much, it seemed to work.

Han then shook his head and jumped right into saying his speech. In case it hadn’t worked, Lee Know had been standing by his side, moving back when it did.

Lee Know and Han are close enough that something as small as that could serve as a reminder that he’s not alone and has someone supporting him.


See Lee Know support Han in the quirky way only he can.

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