Stray Kids’ Lee Know’s Unsuccessful Attempt At Dieting Is Relatable AF

Anyone who has tried to stick to a diet knows how Lee Know feels.

Many idols are expected to take care of their image and visuals.

Consequently, this means that many groups have to monitor what they are eating strictly.

And with the emphasis on healthy eating and fitness, many fans have also had experiences with dieting.

As Lee Know admits, adhering to a strict diet is not always possible. And that is especially true during holiday time.

Imagine having the willpower to resist eating whatever you want during Christmas or Chuseok!

Lee Know stated that he had a wonderful time during Chuseok with his family. The only downside was that once the holiday was over, he was feeling guilty about ignoring his diet.

He admitted that since Chuseok it has been hard to keep to a diet, as Stray Kids has been so busy preparing for their upcoming comeback.

Consequently, the members ended up ordering a lot of late-night food.

Being so hungry, they would eat much more than they were restricted to, by their diets.

What this meant was that Lee Know woke up the next morning feeling ashamed of abandoning his diet and eating so much food.

To make himself feel better, he decided to start eating healthy.

So for lunch, he recommenced his diet by eating a salad!

However, Lee Know confessed that his diet didn’t even last a day.

Eventually, he got hungry at night again, that he ordered late-night food again!

And Lee Know admitted that this daily cycle of dieting and cheat meals have been occurring for some time now.

Anyone who has been on a diet knows how tempting delicious food can be.

And many fans have also been as unfaithful to their diet as Lee Know is.

Consequently, Lee Know encouraged the fans to join him in dancing the Stray Kids’ choreography.

He stated that this is an excellent way to lose all the weight that they’ve gained during Chuseok.

Still, fans adore Lee Know just the way he is. All that matters is that he is healthy, happy, and living his best life.

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