Stray Kids Were Loving Seungmin’s Nickname For Felix

The nickname should sound familiar to STAY.

Stray Kids sat down with Seventeen magazine for an interview to test their status as best friends. When Seungmin revealed Felix‘s nickname, they loved how well it matched him.

Seungmin and Felix. | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Of the many burning questions the magazine had for the group, one of them asked for nicknames they called each other.

| Seventeen/YouTube

Even though it took a moment for them to pick one to share, Seungmin already had one in mind for Felix.

| Seventeen/YouTube

As soon as Seungmin called Felix “Feelbok,” they all were reminded of the clever nickname. He then broke down what made it perfect for Felix.

| Seventeen/YouTube

The nickname was a combination of the name Felix and his Korean name. Seungmin explained, “Felix and Yongbok mixed.” It also sounded familiar to fans for another reason.

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In the past, Hyunjin called Felix by the nickname Feelbok too, explaining what it meant.

The Stray Kids members are always coming up with cute ways to show their friendship.

Check out the clever yet cute nickname that was just right for Felix.

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