Stray Kids’ Maknae I.N Reveals Why He Started Working Out

Here’s why fans weren’t the only ones attacked by his new muscles.

Stray KidsI.N‘s slender frame and adorable smile have always had fans ready to put him in their pockets.

After dropping the energetic “God’s Menu” music video that no one but Stray Kids could pull off, everyone needed to reevaluate their life choices after seeing how much I.N had grown.

When it was I.N’s turn to show off his powerful vocals, he instead surprised everyone with his new arm muscles. While it had been sudden, there had been a particular reason why the maknae wanted to become buff.

In the introduction video for their first full-length album Go Live, I.N explained that he didn’t feel confident in his dance moves. He was missing the power to make them stand out, “When I move a lot, I thought my dance moves didn’t look so powerful.”

To solve that problem, he didn’t merely keep practicing his dancing. I.N decided to exercise and build the muscles he needed to tear up the stage with his moves. He revealed, “I started working out during this break.”

I.N’s hard work paid off. Not only was there improvement in his dancing, but everyone appreciated how buff he’d become. When the group reacted to their music video, the members couldn’t believe the new maknae they were seeing.

They couldn’t hide their shook facial expressions. Changbin pointed and yelled, “Look at the arm muscles!” Han couldn’t even process his own thoughts, “I.N’s arms… His arms… Wow.”

The reign of the buff maknae is only beginning. I.N and his new muscles are here to take over.

Listen to I.N explain how exercising helped his dancing at 1:09.

Check out the group’s entertaining reactions to it at 1:33 as well.

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