The Stray Kids Members Are So In Sync It’s A Little Scary

Are these moments creepy or endearing?

Stray Kids have been a group for over four years, so they’re bound to be close. But sometimes, that closeness is a little scary.

During an episode of “2 Kids Room,” Felix and Bang Chan explained that since the group has been together so long, there are times when the members are scarily in sync.

Stray Kids’ Felix and Bang Chan | Stray Kids/YouTube

The group is so in sync that fans have even compiled these moments. Given that Felix loves TikTok and Bang Chan sees everything, it’s no surprise that they both saw one of these fan edits.

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As an example, they even mentioned a particular instance at an award ceremony where the pair was in sync.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

While attending an award show, the duo seemed to move as one. But, it’s just one of many representations of how well the group is in tune.

Stray Kids’ in sync moments go beyond the ordinary things, such as dancing and performing. The members are almost clones when it comes to taking pictures.

And they have the same mannerisms when hanging out backstage.

While it’s not blatantly clear the exact fan edit Felix and Bang Chan were talking about, one particular TikTok has gathered an impressive 5.4 million views and 1.9 million likes since it was posted in April.


skz being in sync #StrayKids #fyp

♬ sonido original – Esteve <3

Like Felix and Bang Chan, some fans think it’s a little scary too.

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The almost robotic nature of the group moves could be considered creepy.

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It’s also endearing how the group moves together, and some fans would even consider the members to be soulmates.

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As much as Stray Kids love each other, they also love to tease. You can check out what went down in the newest episode of the group’s YouTube series, SKZ CODE, for more of their antics.

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