Stray Kids Members Reveal How Much Of A Baby Felix Is

He is a baby who needs love!

In Felix’s episode of Stray KidsOne Room, the members spill on how much of a baby Felix is!

Hyunjin started by sharing that Felix is full of cute charms and enjoys physical contact.

He is full of cute charms, but he also likes being hugged and physical contacts.

Han added to what Hyunjin said and claimed that Felix is indeed a baby!

He’s more like a baby than you think.

Lee Know agreed and told a story of when Felix rubbed his head on his tummy before!

Changbin also spilled some info about how Felix is a real baby! He shared that when Felix shares something serious, he ends up sleeping beside that person and hugs them. Hyunjin was quick to add and share that he and Felix were once roommates and talked for 4 hours, so Felix ended up sleeping beside him, and hugging him like a baby!

When asked, Felix didn’t agree that he had that much aegyo.

Well, I don’t know about my cute charms. I feel very awkward trying to show cute charms in front of the camera. I really don’t know about myself. So when people say that I am full of cute charms, I really don’t know.  I really don’t know what cute charms mean.

Felix is indeed a certified baby who needs all the love in the world!

Watch the full video here:


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