Stray Kids Can’t Get Over How Minho Peeled A Mango And Neither Can We

Minho: 1 Mango: 0

In episode 5 of SKZ CODE, the members of Stray Kids continued their chaotic game of “monopoly.” This time, Minho and Bang Chan were once again faced with a somewhat difficult task.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Previously, Bang Chan had to peel an apple in one single strand, but failed right when he was about to finish the task. This time, Bang Chan passed the responsibility to Minho, who was tasked with peeling a mango— and his tactic was quite clever. Instead of doing a spiral strand, Minho decided to go ahead and peel the mango all in one go.

The rest of the members teased him for his method, comparing it to a medical surgery or sushi restaurant as opposed to actually peeling a fruit.

It’s certainly not a…conventional way to complete the task. But Minho was aiming to succeed the easiest way possible, and if this is the way, then so be it.

The result, while a bit messy and unexpected, was considered a success.

Stray Kids

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