Stray Kids Have Fun In The Snow For First Episode Of “SKZ CODE”

The cold never bothered them anyway.

The first episode of Stray Kids SKZ CODE aired on February 3, featuring the boys having fun in the snow.

Hyunjin | minhos/Tumblr

In a Game of Thrones-esque competition to see who will win the right to sit on the throne, Christark (Bang Chan), Greyleeknow (Lee Know), Seortell (Changbin), Targarhyun (Hyunjin), Hanratheon (Han), Felly (Felix), Minnister (Seungmin), and Irell (I.N) participated in snow games.

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The first quest was a display in physical strength in a sort of capture the flag race. The objective was to run up the hill, grab the flag, and return as quickly as they could. The catch was, the waiting members could interfere with the runner by slowing them down however they wanted without physical contact.

Seungmin | Stray Kids/YouTube

The quest continued with typical Stray Kids chaos with Changbin falling, Lee Know intimidating the members, Seungmin taking a leisurely sled ride, and everyone making Bang Chan go last because he was the oldest. But Bang Chan managed to surprise everyone with his speed, taking first place with a whopping record of 23.76 seconds.

Han (left) and Felix (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube

The second quest was to ride a sled down the hill while holding a two-liter beaker filled with water. Whoever had the most water left in their beaker would have a chance at taking the throne. Sounds simple enough, right?

Lee Know | Stray Kids/YouTube

The quest was anything but simple, as the members tried their best to keep their beakers stable. The chunky snow did them no favors, almost knocking some of them off their sleds.

Felix | Stray Kids/YouTube

But Felix managed to do incredibly well, choosing a slow and steady technique unlike the rest. Meanwhile, Hyunjin went down the hill at full speed, falling off his sled halfway and spilling the entire contents of his beaker on himself.

| yangjeongin/Tumblr

Bang Chan on the other hand, chose to go down the hill standing on his sled as if he were surfing. But before we could find out how that went, episode 1 of SKZ CODE ended. Episodes come out weekly, so Stays will have to wait another week to see how Bang chan and Han round out the second quest!

Source: Winter Is Coming #1

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