Stray Kids Playfully Call Out The Members Who Ignore All Their Messages

One of them can go without reading hundreds of the members’ messages.

When it comes to group chats or messages from the members, there are always a few who forget to keep up. Stray Kids revealed which two members often ignore all their messages.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

When the eight members voted on who among them was the last to reply to a message, nearly all of them agreed on one person.

In fact, Hyunjin and Bang Chan pointed out how the person lets their unread messages reach over a hundred. Hyunjin said, “It was a triple-digit number.

That member turned out to be Changbin. He had a valid explanation for letting so many messages from the members pile up, though.

He said, “I tend to read them all at once.” Changbin wasn’t the only one who seemingly ignores all the members’ messages, either.

Changbin revealed there was someone who was much more forgetful. He chose Han because he won’t read their messages at all.

All the members agreed when Changbin said, “If I don’t remind him, he doesn’t read messages.” Changbin even gave a demonstration of how their conversation usually goes.

Changbin: Han, did you read my message?

Han: What message? *checks message*

Like all the members except for Seungmin, Han admitted that he prefers to chat via phone call, which explained it all.

Even though Changbin and Han may not be reading the members’ messages as soon as they receive them, they’re always calling their members instead.

Han and Changbin. | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Watch the group point out the two members who don’t even need to keep up with their messages here.

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