Stray Kids And Rain Were All Shook By Their Age Difference

I.N, Han, and Rain weren’t ready 😂

When the boys of Stray Kids finally appeared on Rain‘s Season B Season, the first thing Rain couldn’t help asking was their age. They were all hilariously surprised by the answer.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Rain didn’t waste any time asking which member was the youngest of them all. Maknae (youngest member) I.N spoke up, “I was born in 2001.

Since Rain was born in 1982, the almost twenty-year age difference left him speechless. They laughed at his reaction.

Rain revealed that he’d “joined JYP Entertainment back in 1998” when he was just fourteen years old. That left Stray Kids just as speechless, all of their jaws dropped to the floor.

Han made Rain realize his age even more by commenting, “Even before I was born.

Hyunjin made Rain have the funniest breakdown with a compliment that showed just how long Rain has been active. Hyunjin said, “In kindergarten, my friend’s mom was your fan. I meant a sister I knew.

Although their age difference caused hilarious moments for both artists, for Rain to be known for over twenty years proves his star power.

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