Stray Kids’ I.N Refuses To Take Photos Of Han Because Of One Reason And It’s Savagely Funny

The maknae does what the maknae wants.

During an episode of Two Kids Room, Stray Kids revealed an interesting fact about their maknae I.N.

Han was discussing how his fashion differs from I.N because they both have unique styles. Because of that, I.N said that he often thinks about why Han dresses the way he does.

That reminded Han of a situation where it had become a problem. He had asked I.N to take a photo of him, but I.N had refused. I.N remembered that moment as well and burst into laughter.

The reason why he hadn’t taken the photo for Han was because he didn’t like his outfit. Han even went as far as changing multiple times until an outfit had suited I.N’s taste.

And, I.N rubbed salt in the wound by saying one of the new outfits had indeed been better than the first one he’d put on.

Although the reason could be seen as pretty savage, I.N only wanted his hyung to look his best. Watch the funny moment starting at 52 seconds.

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