Stray Kids’ Resident Cake-Dropper Changbin Comes To Bang Chan’s Rescue

The roles have now been reversed.

Last year, Stray KidsChangbin surprised everyone, including himself, by dropping his birthday cake at a fan meeting.

From then on, he said he wouldn’t drop any more cakes and wouldn’t let anyone else.

When he noticed Bang Chan‘s birthday cake slipping during their recent live broadcast, he was quick to act along with Han and Hyunjin.

He was also the first to notice it slipping a second time, followed by Woojin and Han.

Since Bang Chan was on his way to taking Changbin’s former title of dropping cakes and stressing everyone out, Han took it away.

Changbin not only saved Bang Chan’s birthday cake but kept his own intact in another relatively recent broadcast. Changbin is now the saver of cakes. See Changbin drop his own cake

and save Bang Chan’s starting at 4:54.

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