Stray Kids Reveal Who The Most Annoying Members In Their Group Chat Are

Annoying in a funny way, that is.

Stray Kids sat down with PeopleTV to answer some questions that fans had been wondering out.

Since they’re a playful bunch, one fan knew there was at least one member who was annoying in their group chat and asked who. They didn’t hesitate to point them out.

Before anyone could have a chance to respond, Hyunjin was ready to name the biggest annoyance. He slightly turned toward the person beside him and said, “I think Han.” Instead of denying it, he smiled as they all agreed. He wasn’t alone, though.

There was more than one playfully annoying person. To go along with Han, no one suited him better as his partner in crime than who I.N chose: Lee Know. Everyone agreed with him, nodding along. Still, they weren’t entirely done.

Bang Chan added in Changbin as well to round out the trio. That’s when the host joked that there were a lot of annoying people in the group chat. Picking up on the joke, he made it funnier.

With his hands held dramatically in the air, Bang Chan said, “Everyone but me,” making himself chuckle.

As for the group chat, it seems like they’re all annoying to a certain degree. Watch them nonchalantly call out each other for it.

Stray Kids