Stray Kids Reveals Which Member Gets The Most Love From J.Y.P

He really is “JYP’s son” after all.

During the group’s interview with iHeartRadio‘s Ellie Lee, Stray Kids unanimously picked which member is JYP Entertainment CEO, Park Jinyoung‘s favorite.

When Ellie asked, they didn’t even need time to think, they immediately began counting all together and pointed directly at Stray Kids’ leader, Bang Chan.

Bang Chan explained that instead of being the favorite, he thinks Park Jinyoung is just the most familiar with him. Since he’s been in the company for nearly 10 years, Park Jinyoung is more comfortable with him than the rest. The JYP Entertainment CEO is like Bang Chan’s second father, or brother, or… bother.


This comes as no surprise to STAYs, as JYP and Chan have been close for quite a while. On Weekly Idol, Chan even called himself “JYP’s song”.

“I’m JYP’s son” 

Watch the full interview below:

Stray Kids