Stray Kids Roasted The Most Forgetful Member, But He Had The Best Excuse

Hint: it had to do with STAYs.

Stray Kids played a game of Who’s Who with BuzzFeed, and they were asked questions that revealed the most forgetful member.


To the first question of who is most likely to forget choreography, the answer was obvious to everyone. Lee Know, Hyunjin, Seungmin, and Bang Chan all looked to Han. But, Han asked, “Who?”

They all turned into owls by repeating “who” before asking Han who he thought would be chosen. He said, “Oh my god. Who could [it be]? That’s very bad.” Of course, he wasn’t fooling anyone and they all chose him.

When choosing who is most likely to forget lyrics, Bang Chan began the question with, “Why is Han most likely to forget lyrics?” Everyone burst into laughter. At this point Han could only say, “I think Han is really bad boy. Han, you’re a bad boy.”

He revealed the reason why he’s so forgetful and it was all because of their fans STAY. When he steps on stage, he can feel their enthusiasm and it makes him excited. Bang Chan was quick to joke that he was blaming STAYs. But, Han had an answer ready: “I never blame STAY. I love you.”

Han can truly be forgetful, like the time he was on the wrong part of the stage, but his heart is definitely in the right place. Listen to his explanation and the funny reactions of Stray Kids here.

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