Stray Kids’ Seungmin Has The Perfect Advice That Everyone Who Wants To Pass A K-Pop Audition Should Know

If you want to become a K-Pop trainee, you need to know this!

Everyone knows how hard it is to become an idol.

And it’s also difficult to become a trainee too! The strict expectations that entertainment companies have for the people they want means that many are turned away at each audition round.

The “Big 3” entertainment companies have especially been strict with their audition processes, often accepting only one or two people from each round.

JYP Entertainment has turned away many hopeful individuals, including IU, BTS’s J-Hope and EXO’s Xiumin.

Hence, many fans are curious about any tips that they could follow to succeed in their K-Pop audition.

During a recent live broadcast, Stray Kids’ Seungmin was asked for any advice he could give for hopefuls who wanted to try out for a K-Pop audition.

Seungmin reiterated that the most important thing he could say was that anyone going into an audition should show the best of themselves.

Don’t try to act like someone else, just be who you are and show yourself.

While it may be tempting for an auditionee to show what they think the entertainment company wants, Seungmin highlights that this isn’t a good idea.

If one gets into an entertainment company based on a “persona”, then sooner or later, that is going to wear off and the entertainment company will realise that trainee’s true colors.

Whether it’s an interview or an audition, pretending to be someone you’re not doesn’t last long. Maybe because it’s the first time, you’ll want to try and do well but that’s not necessary at all

Hence, Seungmin went in to his audition wanting to showcase his true self.

Doing so, meant that the entertainment company knew who he was and the confidence he has in his skills. If Seungmin was accepted, then he wouldn’t have to pretend to be someone other than himself.

You should take pride in yourself! I think that’s how I took my audition

With a process as finicky as trainee recruitment, Seungmin stated that he was open to not getting accepted by the company.

If he presented the best of the skills and charisma that he had, he would still be proud of his audition, no matter the outcome!

I just thought, “I’m going to show everything that I’ve got! It can’t be helped if they don’t like me, but I’m going to show myself and be who I am!”

With this mindset, Seungmin would win second place at JYPE’s 13th Open Audition in 2017.

The full video has been posted online, where fans can see how his confidence and talent shines through.

He is definitely showing the best of himself, not what he thinks JYP Entertainment wants.

Only a year later, he would debut with Stray Kids as the lead vocalist.

So there you have it, if you want to pass a K-Pop audition, just be confident in yourself and showcase the best of your talents and charms!

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, because that will just make the trainee period even more difficult.

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