Stray Kids’ Seungmin Is Ready To Make 4RACHA Happen With His Charismatic Rap Skills

Don’t let the innocent face fool you; his rap skills are no joke.

Stray KidsSeungmin had to show off one of his charms on Weekly Idol to earn his position on Felix‘s team.


As the group’s lead vocalist, he instead switched it up entirely by performing a rap.

He charismatically took on 3RACHA‘s “Runner’s High”. Seungmin’s smooth delivery of the lyrics had everyone here for it, especially Hyunjin, Han, and Lee Know who were feeling it with their whole bodies.

The whole studio couldn’t help but jam out to his killer performance, bouncing to the beat and waving their hands in time to the music. No one had been expecting Seungmin to deliver but that he did.

By the end, everyone realized it was something they didn’t know they’d needed. Watch Seungmin dominate 3RACHA’s mixtape track and prove he needs to feature on one in the future.

Stray Kids