Stray Kids’ Seungmin Swiped Han’s Phone Case Right From Under His Nose

Felix didn’t even realize he was an accomplice.

Stray KidsSeungmin loves to play pranks on his members. Although Hyunjin is typically his main target, he spotted an opening to prank Han.


Seungmin took the chance without hesitation.

When he wasn’t looking, Seungmin snatched up his phone case and did it so smoothly that Han hadn’t felt a thing.

To make the prank funnier, he decided to get rid of the evidence by placing it inside of Felix‘s hood, making him his partner in crime.

His plan didn’t go quite as planned. Han eventually noticed his case was missing and looked around for it. He didn’t have to look far.

Han knew it couldn’t have been anyone except for trickster Seungmin. He turned around and held his hand out, waiting for the case to be returned.

Seungmin may be the resident prankster but can’t pull one over on Han.

Stray Kids

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