Stray Kids’ Seungmin Didn’t Hesitate To Come To WEi Seokhwa’s Rescue

Seungmin was looking out for his friend 🥺

When WEi‘s Seokhwa took a harmless tumble, his friend Stray KidsSeungmin was right by his side to lend a helping hand.

Seokhwa | @WEi__Member/Twitter

WEi appeared on Weekly Idol to promote their title track “Too Bad” and was greeted by a familiar face. Since Seungmin was a special MC and seemed close with Seokhwa, they confirmed they were friends. Seokhwa explained, “We used to be trainees together.

Seungmin soon proved how much he cared for his friend Seokhwa. During a game where the group tested their strength by using each other as weights, Yongha struggled just a bit more than everyone else when holding Seokhwa.

Yongha’s muscles weren’t strong enough, causing him to drop Seokhwa to the floor. Although Seokhwa didn’t fall too far, that didn’t stop Seungmin.

Seungmin raced over and grabbed one of Seokhwa’s hands, helping to lift him back onto his feet. After catching his breath, Yongha pitched in to help too.

Seeing how quickly Seungmin moved to help Seokhwa warmed fans’ hearts and made them appreciate the friendship between the two idols.

Seungmin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

See Seungmin drop everything just to come to Seokhwa’s rescue and lend a helping hand.

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