Stray Kids Shared Special Message For Filipino STAYs Affected By The Recent Earthquakes

Their words show just how much they care:

Amid the heartbreak caused by a series of earthquakes that recently struck the Philippines, Stray Kids have shared a special heartfelt message for all their fans who have been affected by the disaster.


Stray Kids recently performed for the first time in Manila as part of their Unveil tour. While there were plenty of memorable, funny, and sweet moments from the concert, there was one moment, in particular, that is touching everyone’s heart.


Towards the end of the concert, Bang Chan revealed how Stray Kids were feeling when they first heard about the deadly 6.1 magnitude earthquake and the 6.5 magnitude one that struck the country recently.

We are very saddened because sometimes we don’t expect these kinds of things. But for us the first thing that came to our minds was our Philippines STAY.

— Bang Chan


With tears in his eyes, Bang Chan then offered up condolences to all those who were affected by the earthquakes…

We send our sincere condolences to all those who have affected by these earthquakes. We hope you recover quickly and no matter how we will try our best to help out.

— Bang Chan


Before promising that fans can always lean on Stray Kids.

We want you guys to have hope and also find hope through us. We are always with you guys, okay? Just like STAYs stay with us, Stray Kids will stay with you guys. So don’t let the past be your today and look forward because time is ever going and it won’t stop. We’ll be with you guys forever.

— Bang Chan


His message has been causing a whole host of emotions from fans while touching everyone’s heart.


And with Bang Chan’s words in all our hearts, we would just like to say our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by the disaster.

Stray Kids