Stray Kids Shined As Bright As The Sun In These Charming Photos For 1st Look

Prepare yourself to be attacked by their charms.

Stray Kids had a photo shoot with 1st Look magazine on a beautiful sunny day, and the results were stunning.


Han blew bubbles that framed the photo with a playful feel while Bang Chan gave Changbin a piggyback ride.

Lee Know and Felix, with his natural freckles, took a break and laid out on the grass to capture their natural beauty.

Maknae I.N showed his manly side with this strong pose, and it was made all the more stunning from the perfect lighting.

The oldest Woojin showed a glimpse of his playful side with a bit of tree-climbing.

Surrounded by flowers, Hyunjin looked as gentle and delicate as his prince nickname.

With his easygoing smile, Seungmin embraced the sunlight and radiated energy.

All of the photos showed each of the nine members’ charms and made their playfulness into something stunning. Be sure to check out the full spread when it’s released.

Stray Kids