Stray Kids Shows The Chaotic Reality Behind Taking The Perfect “Boyfriend Material” Photo

Each member had a unique approach to the challenge.

Trying to take the perfect selfie amongst your seven fellow K-Pop idol group members is undoubtedly a challenge in and of itself. Taking the perfect “boyfriend” pose selfie? Stray Kids proved it’s chaotic but not impossible.

(Back row from left to right) Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, I.N, Lee Know, Changbin, and Felix. (Front row from left to right) Hyunjin, Han, and Seungmin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids recently released the second video of their adventures in Jeju for SKZ CODE. After the members divided themselves into two cars and went on a joy ride to a seafood dinner in the first episode, they were ready to tackle another adventure in the second.

In the second episode, the members ended up at a park that was the perfect backdrop for photos. What started as regular photos quickly turned into a lesson on taking the perfect “boyfriend material” photo.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s “boyfriend” photo | @realstraykids/Instagram

While taking in the unobstructed view they’re not used to in a city like Seoul, Seungmin, Lee Know, and Han just wanted to relax in the shade before the chaos began.

While they enjoyed their time on the bench, the rest of the members had other plans. I.N, the “boyfriend shot expert,” began coaching Hyunjin on the perfect “boyfriend pose.” He skillfully guided him through a series of poses until he got the perfect one.

After all of I.N’s hard work as the photographer, Hyunjin hilariously only posted the photos he took himself on Instagram.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Felix proved to be an equally passionate photographer, cheering on Changbin as he posed with fruit by a tree.

The two passionate photographers, I.N and Felix, joined forces to take the “boyfriend” photos they both deserve. They both energetically ran through the park looking for the best background while singing Stray Kids’ song “The View.”

Felix turned the casual photos into his own personal photoshoot, looking like a model with his serious pose.

Switching back to photographer mode, Felix knelt on the ground later to take more photos of Hyunjin, ensuring he had the perfect photoshoot.

While some members took the photos seriously, others had a more playful approach. Bang Chan finally joined the younger members in taking pictures. Although he started with a joking pose, he ended up nailing the “boyfriend shot” in the end as he posed with fruit.

When Bang Chan and Han started to take photos together, the already chaotic energy quickly increased as they sporadically posed while somehow managing to get a decent photo.

In the end, they each took photos that were perfect for the “boyfriend material” vibe they were going for and were able to conclude their peaceful outing turned photoshoot.

To watch the chaotic moments unfold, check out the video below!

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