Stray Kids’ “I Am You” And “Side Effects” Are Connected And It’ll Blow Your Mind

There’s too many similarities to be a coincidence.

Stray Kids recently dropped “Side Effects” from Clé 2: Yellow Wood, and it has fans coming up with all sorts of theories. But, there’s similarities between it and a past video that’s too hard to ignore.


In “I Am You”, I.N is walking through a grassy area and the scene is interrupted with another of I.N upside-down beside a moon that could easily be mistaken for two. Then, the scene returns back to the original.

Afterward, Seungmin snaps a photo with the camera he’s holding. And, the rest of the members gather around him to see it.

Then, there’s the ending scene of all of them looking toward the city.

In “Side Effects”, there’s not one but two moons in the sky when they walk away from the bus stop in this yellow wood full of grass.

This time when Seungmin snaps a photo, everyone freezes and turns to look at him. Then, Hyunjin knocks the camera out of his hands, ready for a fight.

And, once again we have Han looking back at the same city as before, this one darker.

There are a lot of similar scenes between the two videos, enough that “Side Effects” could truly be about at least one alternate timeline or alternate path.

Watch the videos for yourself and you may just find more.

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