Stray Kids SKZOO Version of “Gods Menu” Is Ridiculously Cute

These little animated cartoon avatars will steal your heart.

Stray Kids just released the ‘SKZOO‘ version of their track “神메뉴” (also known as “God’s Menu”), and it is ridiculously cute.

| Stray Kids/YouTube

Similar to BT21, SKZOO is a project by Stray Kids with cartoon avatars representing each member.

| @jeonfilter/Twitter

Featuring Wolf Chan as Bang Chan, Leebit as Lee Know, Dwaekki as Changbin, Jiniret as Hyunjin, Han Quokka as Han, Bbokari as Felix, PuppyM as Seungmin, and FoxI.Ny as I.N, these cartoon avatars are a huge dose of cuteness overload.

You can pre-order your own SKZOO plush and figurine now!

Stray Kids