Stray Kids Spill On The Hair Colors They Want To Debut Next

Lee Know and Han were impressed by Changbin’s choice.

All of the members of Stray Kids have experimented with different hair colors, even maknae I.N.

When asked during an interview with PeopleTV if there were any colors in particular they wanted to try, they already had some ideas.

Changbin revealed his dream hair color first, taking everyone by surprise, even the hosts. Having recently dyed his hair lighter for the first time, he wanted to go all out. He chose white, making Lee Know, Han, and I.N open their mouths in shock. That was only the beginning of the surprises.

I.N picked his hair color next, “I want mint.” Changbin couldn’t see the vision, repeating, “Mint?” I.N confirmed. Everyone then became stumped by what the color would look like.

Bang Chan, Felix, and I.N held their hands up as if they were cutting something, signaling the color would be somewhere between blue and green for the perfect mint shade.

After figuring out what they could and ultimately leaving I.N’s color to their imaginations, Felix wanted to share his pick but ran into an obstacle. “I’ve tried purple, pink, white, blond, red…” Since he’s had so many different colors, they instead settled on which color caused the hottest reaction: pink.

When considering all the colors they’ve tried as a group, they could paint the entire rainbow. Watch their reactions to their members’ fun choices here. Will you be waiting to see a white-haired Changbin or mint-haired I.N?

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