Stray Kids Thought Changbin Forgot The Lyrics To “Yayaya”, But He Instead Reveals The Original

Lee Know and Felix had no idea.

In the return episode of Stray KidsThe 9th, Changbin revealed a little-known fact about the original lyrics for their song “Yayaya” that Lee Know and Felix had no clue about beforehand.

While riding the bus in London, Changbin made a pun that Lee Know hadn’t been impressed with. To distance himself from Changbin, Lee Know took the stick the camera was on and stretched it far away.

That made an even better opportunity for Changbin who sang the lyrics of “Yayaya” with Felix joining in: “Don’t go far away baby.” Upon listening to them, Lee Know was quick to notice something was amiss.

Instead of singing the phrase “every day,” Changbin used the word “baby.” After Lee Know pointed out the mistake, Changbin was confused and had to think about it.

Changbin then realized he had been singing the guide version of the song from when they’d first written it, which surprised Lee Know.

When 3RACHA first write songs, sometimes even their group members don’t know what they’re working on. Watch Changbin explain the lyric mix up here.

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