Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Called TWICE’s Sana… And Their Conversation Will Put A Smile On Your Face

The two decided to tease each other a bit!

Stray KidsBang Chan decided to call someone to receive a song recommendation in a recent live broadcast.

Before Bang Chan called this person, he shared that he’s comfortable with them, but it gets a bit “awkward” in front of Stays (Stray Kids’ fandom).

Bang Chan then proceeded to call this person and laughingly introduced himself as Stray Kids’ Bang Chan.

Bang Chan soon put the person on speakerphone, and the person he called was none other than TWICE‘s Sana!

When Bang Chan asked Sana for a song recommendation, the phone call unexpectedly ended.

Bang Chan then called Sana again, and the two were confused about why their phone call ended.

Sana was soon asked about a song recommendation, and she recommended DaniLeigh‘s “I Wish” featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

The two then had a playful moment, as Bang Chan told Sana that he had received some jellies from TWICE’s Nayeon.

Bang Chan then jokingly told Sana that he would be gifting the jellies to only Nayeon. After Bang Chan said this, Sana went silent for a few seconds.

Bang Chan then started laughing and told Sana that he would, of course, be giving some of the jellies to her.

Sana then decided to get some playful “revenge.” Near the end of the phone call, Bang Chan commented that he’s a kind dongsaeng. Sana acted “surprised” when Bang Chan said this and jokingly said they should end the call.

Sana also jokingly said that Bang Chan says hello to everyone except for her. After Sana said this, Bang Chan started “defending” himself.

Before they ended the call, Sana was asked to give an ending message to Stays, and she wished them all the best and asked them to support Stray Kids and TWICE in the future.

After Sana gave this heartwarming message, the call ended.

This isn’t the first time Sana and Bang Chan have shown off their adorable friendship, as it has been displayed many times before!

TWICE’s Sana (Left) & Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (Right) | @twicetagram/Instagram
Source: Naver Live

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