Stray Kids’ Version Of A Lullaby Will Give You Nightmares

Felix gave Han chills.

Stray Kids were requested by a fan to sing a lullaby on We K-Pop, but it came out quite different than anyone was expecting.


As the group’s main vocalist, Woojin took charge and began to sing a deep, soothing lullaby. At least until he was interrupted.

Changbin commented that it sounded scary and everyone agreed there was a creepy vibe happening. Hyunjin and Changbin even moved their hands and bodies around to mimic the scary feel.

Since Felix had been staring at Woojin while he sang, they suggested he give the lullaby a try. As the member with the deepest voice, it was a mistake as soon as he opened his mouth. The words, “Sleep, sleep, my baby,” had never sounded scarier.

Just like Hyunjin and Changbin had reacted before, the rest of the members pretended to be zombies at the sound of Felix’s scary lullaby. Han even got chills from the scary sound, holding himself for comfort.

After two fails for a sweet lullaby, Kim Shin Young concluded fans would either faint or sleep. Listen to the hilariously creepy lullabies here.

Stray Kids