Stray Kids Voted On Who’d Be The Best Dad, And The Results Were Unexpected

He’s the last member you’d get dad vibes from 😂

During Stray Kids‘ Singles Korea interview, they had to decide which member they’d want as a dad. One member received the most votes but wasn’t the one you’d expect for the role.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The magazine asked the group, “What if you’re born from one of the members?” With eight members to choose from, the results were scattered.

Still, there was one member who received the most votes. They chose the youngest member I.N. There was an understandable reason why he was such a great choice.

Seungmin voted for I.N because he knew that he’d keep a smile on his face and never take away his joy. He said, “I think I.N will raise me as a happy child.

I.N had such confidence in himself that he simply said, “Cause I’m sure that I’m gonna be a good dad.” Even the members were impressed by his coolness.

When thinking which member would be the best dad, you’d usually think of the leader or an older member. Sometimes, it’s the youngest who knows best.

I.N | @realstraykids/Instagram

Watch I.N prove he’d be the best dad there is—far in the future of course.

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