Stray Kids’ Woojin Is An Ace At Recognizing Their Faces, Even When Blended Together

They refused to believe it, but Woojin knew all along.

One of the segments Stray Kids faced on Weekly Idol was guessing which three members’ faces were fused together into one photo.

After Han, Changbin, and Seungmin failed to answer correctly, Woojin was the only one who confidently knew the answer.

Woojin had the biggest smile on his face as he shouted, “Felix, Seungmin, and I.N!”

When the hosts said he was correct, Woojin was ecstatic. The rest of his group were skeptical; the answer didn’t convince them.

Han couldn’t help but ask, “Is I.N really in that photo?” I.N himself wasn’t too sure either. To prove it, the hosts showed the photos of Felix, Seungmin, and I.N they used.

Not only does Woojin take care of them as the oldest member, but he can recognize them even when their photos are fused together. See Woojin show off the skill they couldn’t believe.

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