Woojin Was So Specific About His Dream Job Outside Of Being An Idol That Stray Kids Couldn’t Take It

His response had his members cracking up:

For many K-Pop idols, the dream to perform on stage wasn’t their only aspiration. Many idols have been open about where they would be and what type of job they think they would be doing if they hadn’t debuted. But when Stray KidsWoojin revealed what his dream was before becoming a star, well, his members just couldn’t take it!


Stray Kids recently sat down to play a game of “Stray Questions” with ET Live While they answered plenty of everyone’s burning questions, there was one in particular that had everyone laughing!


During the game, Stray Kids were asked what career they would have had if they hadn’t gone into the entertainment industry and become idols.


While each of the members dreamed of jobs like an elementary school teacher or interior designer…


Woojin went in a completely unexpected direction! With a very serious face, Woojin declared that he had always dreamed of becoming an E-Mart CEO since he was young!


Hearing his straightforward and very specific answer, his members couldn’t stop themselves from cracking up…


And even as Woojin explained why an E-Mart CEO was his dream, his members just couldn’t keep a straight face!


Check out Woojin’s very unique answer as well as many other amazing moments with Stray Kids in the video below:

Stray Kids