Stray Kids Yelling During The Whisper Game Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Yelling defeats the purpose, but it’s funny to watch.

The Whisper Challenge is a game where two people wear noise-cancelling headphones and one of them tries to guess what the other is saying simply from reading their lips. But, frustration took over Stray Kids and they began to yell dramatically.


Once Felix recognizes the phrase he’s given, he immediately yells out of relief. It’s so hilarious that the other members laugh at his sudden outburst.

His relief is short-lived though because Seungmin can’t seem to guess any of the phrases correctly. So, his yelling becomes even more intense and the other members find it even more hilarious.

After using all of his energy and ultimately losing, Felix looks as though his soul has left his body. While still laughing, I.N tries to console him.

After yelling the phrase he’d received to Changbin, I.N’s reaction to the incorrect guess is a sight to behold.

Although they were able to get 1 right, Hyunjin was in tears because of I.N’s reactions and Changbin’s guesses.

After guessing correctly from Woojin, Lee Know howls like a monkey in celebration. Similar to Felix, Lee Know yells just for the sake of yelling.

Frustrated that he can’t understand what Han is saying, Hyunjin begins to yell gibberish to everyone’s amusement.

Stray Kids are definitely full of energy and enthusiasm. Check out the full video here to hear their wild guesses.

Stray Kids