The Streamer Who Tried To Copy Jungkook’s Hairstyle Is Back Again With A Second Attempt

Who can blame him? Jungkook’s hair is a whole mood, tbh.

Earlier this month, YouTuber Edvasian attempted to copy BTS member Jungkook‘s hairstyle without using a tutorial. He took us on a wild and funny ride as he attempted to hand-twist soft, natural curls to no avail. He’s back with a second attempt at copying Jungkook’s look, but this time he went to a professional for a perm! Do you think he had better luck this time? Let’s find out!

Because everything with Edvasian is an edventure, we begin his perm journey from the very beginning…

… By joining him on the car ride to the salon.

He showed us what his hair looked like before the perm, explaining that he used some product to add a bit of texture. He wondered whether he was about to make a mistake by getting the perm, but figured he could always shave his head if it looked bad.

At the salon, the stylist explained what he was getting was called a “Korean iron perm”. Edvasian noted that the solution in his hair smelled like fish.

Here he is mid-perm…

… Looking like the world’s best grandma.

After two hours at the salon, this is the end result:

Ultimately, he felt like he looked more like Noah Centineo than Jungkook, but he still looks pretty good, right?

To fully enjoy Edvasian’s perm experience, watch the video below: