These street vendors are going viral for being extremely hot

These food vendors are not celebrities, but they’re definitely eye candy and caught the attention of many people in the streets! Check out these stall vendors that are going internet famous for their hot bods. 

Several ordinary workers who work in the markets are going viral for amazing visuals and toned bodies, and customers are stopping to snap a pic of them. Here are four unbelievably hot Asian street vendors that are becoming famous for their good looks.

Fruit Seller (Wang Xiang Hong)

This fruit and vegetable seller has got people flocking to buy his goods! 20-year-old Wang Xiang Hong is from Taipei works in this fruit stall to help his friend’s store out when they are understaffed.

His chiseled abs make girls go crazy!

Not only does this hunk have good looks, he also has a kind heart!

Wang Xiang Hong stated that he is currently a part-time model and will, unfortunately, enter the army later this year.

Cake Boy (You Sheng Lun)

Caught on the streets of Taiwan, this 20-year-old topless cake maker gained fame for having looks that resembled K-pop stars. Sheng Lun works part time as a Taiwanese cake seller during breaks, and currently majors in sports and specializes in volleyball. After photos of him went viral, he signed with a modeling agency.

It’s reported that sometimes fans queue around the block just to see this internet sensation.

Sheng Lun is a cutie even when he’s not baking topless.

His slim physique and six pack definitely make the fangirls drool!

Mattress Vendor (Lam Sheng Yao)

This vendor, known as Lam, was seen drinking a can of beer and smoking before moving mattresses into the truck. People who saw him loved his bad boy aura.

The mattress hunk stares straight into the camera.

His back tattoos are so cool.

Look at his gains!

Bean Curd Seller (Yi Ten Chen)

Yi Ten Chen works in a ‘tau fu fa’ (sweet bean curd dessert) shop, and his looks always create a long line. Girls want to get a peek at his amazing body and looks and his fame made this 26-year-old a model part-time as well.

Looks like this bean curd seller never skips arm day.

A few of Yi’s modeling portfolio pictures.

Imagine seeing this hottie in your local shop!