Here’s How “Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Noze Really Felt After Her Iconic “Mmmh” Fancam Went Viral

She didn’t even know there was going to be a fancam!

After Mnet aired their reality show Street Woman Fighter, the dancers all experienced a surge of popularity as fans fell in love with the teams and their talent. Yet, one dancer who was already well-known amongst netizens and that was WAYB‘s Noze

WAYB’s Noze | @nozeworld/ Instagram

Noze is a well-known dancer in K-Pop and has danced with many idols, including EXO‘s Kai! In particular, she went viral in 2020 with the release of Kai’s track “Mmmh” after fans became addicted to her visuals in the performances. She even had her own fancam for one of the performances, which gained millions of views.

As expected, wherever Noze goes, she is always asked about it, and it was no different when some of the show’s dancers appeared on MMTG with host JaeJae. Along with Monika, Aiki, and Lee Jung, the dancers spoke all about their experiences being dancers and their time on the show.

In particular, JaeJae asked discussed Noze’s time as a backup dancer for various idols and showed images of her time dancing for EXO’s Kai during his “Mmmh” promotions.

Looking at the different outfits and stand-out points to Noze’s looks, JaeJae read out comments praising Noze for her ability to make dancers’ fancams more popular and normalized.

After reading them, Aiki asked Noze whether she was aware of the attention and the fact that she was being filmed. However, it seems as if it was all a shock to Noze because she didn’t even realize that the fancam had been taken, never mind that someone had taken her shots and created a new one.

I was never told that fancam would be taken. I found out after it got viral.

— Noze

However, she hilariously added that she started taking a lot more care of how she looked on stage after the video had gone viral.

Considering that millions had watched her perform with Kai, it was no surprise that she suddenly felt a burden to look and act a certain way after being dubbed the “sexy dancer.”

I started taking care of my hair for the music broadcast the week after. And I checked my glasses like this.

— Noze

JaeJae and the other dancers then praised Noze for creating a new culture for fancams and drawing eyes to the dancers who might have previously been forgotten about.

Since Noze started the “trend” of watching the dancers in K-Pop performances, it seems like the world cannot get enough. More recently, SUBLIME ARTIST AGENCY dancer Kim Ji Hyang went viral for the fancam for her performance with HyunA and DAWN.

Fans loved it so much that it even gained more views than the artists’ fancams and was flooded with positive comments.

There is no denying that Noze and the rest of the Street Woman Fighter dancers have created a new culture and trend where they gain more respect for their work! Hopefully, after the success of the show, dancers will gain more love and recognition from fans!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: MMTG