Strong chance that MBC will not hold its year end awards due to the employee strike

MBC may not be holding their annual Drama Awards and Entertainment Awards this year.

MBC holds the prestigious Drama Awards and Entertainment Awards on December 30th of each year to celebrate the best works presented during that year.

However, this year, they went through a 2-month long strike that only just ended recently.

Disgruntled employees started the strike for better work environments back in September.

With so many employees on strike, most variety shows and radio programs were stopped.

Now that the strike is over, MBC is debating whether it should focus on getting their programs back on track or focus on the award ceremonies.

Although they are leaning towards not celebrating this year’s awards, they are still checking over their current situation.

“We looked over from various angles, but it will not be easy for us to hold the awards this year.

We are checking for possible personnel in case we decide to hold the awards, but for now, it is more likely that it will not be held.”

— MBC executive

MBC is known to have the longest history of the awards program in Korea, which started back in 1985.

Over the 35+ years that MBC has celebrated their year-long achievements, the awards have never been skipped or cancelled.

Despite the difficulties they are facing due to the strike, MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon will be held on Dec 31st as usual.

Source: Munhwa