The Struggle Was Real As Wonho Tried To Make A Beads Bracelet

A series of unfortunate events.

Recently, Wonho held a live stream in collaboration with Osen and answered questions while making beaded bracelets.

The bracelet and key ring that he made would be given away to fans through a special event that would include a polaroid photo.

Are you good at making things with your hands?

Yes honestly I think I am really good with making things with my hands and I also think that I am pretty good at drawing.

— Wonho

Is there something that you would like to make?

I’d like to build a house. You see people buying their own material and building things on TV with their son and looking proud after they finish building it after two years. I’d like to do something like that one day.

— Wonho

How is your quarantine life going?

I’ve been doing things like studying English so I’m actually quite busy. Since I’m busy recording and practicing, I just study English at home and it’s already time for bed.

— Wonho

But towards the end of his Q&A session, he ended up losing all his beads for his bracelet and was totally devastated!

What’s more hilarious is the fact that he even failed with his key ring as a staff member tried to help him.

Watch the whole video to see how crazy things got!