Student From Lee Kwang Soo’s High School Once Revealed Surprising Rumors From His Youth

Lee Kwang Soo getting a taste of his own medicine.

Lee Kwang Soo is currently known as a betrayer and jokester on Running Man.

Before this, Lee Kwang Soo was known as a framer, as he would constantly frame the other cast members, many of which he simply made up.

On an episode of Running Man, one of the guests happened to come from the same high school as Lee Kwang Soo.

The whole cast was in for surprise when she speaks on some rumors surrounding Lee Kwang Soo.

The student hilariously reveals some of the rumors she heard, such as Lee Kwang Soo hitting his friends.

Another rumor she heard was about Lee Kwang Soo going outside and spitting on the floor.

Lee Kwang Soo couldn’t control his emotions, as he denies all the rumors.

The last rumor surrounding Lee Kwang Soo was how he never refused a woman’s confession.

After all the rumors are said, Lee Kwang Soo jokingly “reveals” himself.

Here is the full video below!