Student Reveals Personal Conversation They Had With BTS Jin…Which Led Them To Become A Fan

Jin made a fan just by being Jin!

A student revealed that BTS‘s Jin was so nice when they met him at university that they became a fan just by talking to him!


Jin attended Konkuk University until 2017 when he graduated with a major in film studies – and according to the anonymous student, he was just as quirky and kind during class as he seems when he appears on TV!


The student admitted they became Jin’s fan after meeting him in a lecture hall. They weren’t even in the same class, just met him by accident.


Jin was so sincere and spoke with such conviction that this student immediately became a fan… plus, he had wicked dad jokes.


Jin would joke around with students who asked for his autograph…


And suddenly laugh at his own jokes!


The student said that they weren’t always sure Jin could graduate because of his busy schedule, but through his hard work, dedication and kindness, Jin not only received a university degree but made a life-long fan!